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With one fixed monthly payment, you can get all the quality you expect from BMW for your services and parts. This means you can keep your service history up to date at a manageable, locked-in price. You can select exactly which parts of your vehicle you want serviced or simply have the whole car inspected. Enjoy the wait and catch up on news or entertainment via the complimentary WiFi, or take it easy and enjoy a free coffee. The air conditioning in your BMW does more work than you might think — keeping the interior cool or warm throughout the year is just one part.

Your vehicle also filters pollen, dust from the road and harmful fumes. A BMW Recharge or Refresh, carried out by one of our expert technicians, is the best way to maintain the health of your car and ensure the air conditioning system is functioning how it should be.

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Whether you fly regularly or only from time to time, having your BMW serviced while you are in the air makes total sense. If your BMW is due a service or you have received a recall letter, you can book an appointment online using our handy retailer locator.

Servicing is a must — but with BMW Teleservices you no longer have to take care of it yourself. Through on-board sensors, your BMW knows when and what services it needs and sends the vehicle-related service data automatically to BMW.

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You can also use the BMW Teleservice Call to arrange an appointment manually — simply via the press of a button. In any case, your BMW Service partner is already informed about the condition of the vehicle and is therefore in a better position to respond to your requirements. Having to remember when your BMW service is due becomes a thing of the past. The intelligent maintenance system Condition Based Servicing CBS permanently monitors a myriad of factors, including oil levels and the degree of wear on individual components of your BMW.

If a more urgent issue is found with an individual component, the ConnectedDrive system will give you more exact information on what needs a check, and provide advice on any changes to driving style that may be required to help protect against further damage. Answer: Your BMW has a range of dash icons to let you know what needs servicing. Find out more. Your browser is not up to date and may not be compatible with our website. Everything you need to know about servicing available for your BMW.

A car service is a service that looks the essential systems in your car. This is carried out by a mechanic who will look at everything in the car. They check to make sure the vehicle is safe to drive on the road - a legal requirement to have you serviced every twelve months.

An MOT is a standardised check with specific rules and regulations set by the government. A service not a legal obligation and is more for the benefit of your car. It is important to note that a car service is not the same as an MOT. The similarities are that many of the same parts and systems are inspected during each. A car service is carried out and fully controlled by the mechanic or garage carrying the work out. This means that the pricing will change from garage to garage alone as well as from car to car, much like any other repair work.

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The two different types of services are an interim car service and full car service. As each service will change from garage to garage, they will carry out different checks and look at different parts. A car service is a full diagnostic that looks into the health of a car.

This it is not a service where specific repairs are included. Interim checks every six months before a full service will highlight if there is a minor problem. It will help you resolve the issue before it gets any worse. If you do not have an interim check and you have an issue, it may get worse, meaning leaving you paying more money when it is eventually discovered in the full car service.

Alongside this, it is vital that you are able to talk to more than one garage before completing the job. You should compare price and how thorough the checks will be. The list below shows what garages will check during an interim or full service. However, it is always worth checking before you book your car in as some garages may not cover what is listed. The majority of these parts and systems are checked during a full car service or interim service. If your car needs a top up of motor oil or any other repairs, you will have to pay extra.

Just enter the details of your car in the form below and then sit back and relax while local garages in London send you direct quotes for a full or interim service. We work with a network of 14, mechanics and garages in London and across the UK so we can find competitive car service deals near you.

You can then compare the quotes and read reviews from previous customers to find the best deal, before booking a full car service or interim car service online. Using this website means you agree to our use of cookies. Get quotes. Full Service. Exhaust Fitting.

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Clutch Replacement. Cambelt Change. Oil Change. Bodywork, Dents and Smart Repairs. Wing Mirror. Brake Pads and Discs. Mobile Tyre Fitting. Enter Reg Number. What do you need?


Your Postcode Please enter at least 5 characters. Full Service and MOT. Automotive Components Specialist Ltd. Excellent service. Request a Quote. View Profile. Eagle Autos. Did exactly what they said they would do. Very quick service and very capable mechanic.

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Prompt, friendly service. Will use again. Mobile Mechanics and Tyres. Great service and very honest service.

Really great service I recommend it. Good work! Quality work. Done quickly. Brand new parts provided. Excellent service definitely would use again. SMS Motors. Very happy with this garage. Frequently asked questions. Servicing your car on a regular basis is vital to ensuring your car is reliable, performant and fuel efficient as much as possible, in order to help protect its resale value.

Getting your car serviced will also help prevent larger jobs needing to be undertaken later on, hence most likely helping you save you a lot of hassle and money.

A Full Service includes renewal or top-up of all major fluids; Oil Coolant Brake fluid, Automatic Transmission Fluid During a full service, a clean will be provided to; Filters Spark plugs Other components are also comprehensively checked; Suspension Steering Door locks. An Interim Service focuses on items that require the most regular renewal and maintenance. A Full Service covers all of these, plus those that require a less-frequent review, such as a brake fluid 'boil test or axle oil top up. Many garages won't differentiate between a Full and a Major Service. Where they do, the Major Service is even more comprehensive and may include items such as a full drain and renewal of brake fluid and of the cooling system's coolant.

If you have a car with 6 cylinders, it may be a little higher. What is a car service? Is a car service the same thing as an MOT? What are the different types of services? How do I find a trusted local garage in London for a full service? Full Service in London. Clutch Replacement in London. MOT in London. Aircon Regas in London. Oil Change in London.