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Upon further inspection of the one I got my brother, it looked like mine on the left looks like it is missing the grooves next to the "Milled Grind" font. Even checking it further it looks like the Pressed Taylormade logo doesn't seem as deep and prominent as his on the right and the colors of our wedges look a few shades off.

Has anyone had any experience with receiving fake clubs from Golf Deals and Steals? You would be surprised how many counterfeits there are out there. I purchased an entire set of AP2s on Ebay several years ago. When I received them, something did not look right. I took them to Golfsmith and compared them side by side with a club maker and yep, counterfeits. Also, the serial number did not register. Immediately sent them back to the seller. But looking at yours, I'd say it is counterfeit because it is missing the milled grooves as you pointed out.

Most times you can check the serial numbers on the clubs. Searching for department store goods at bargain basement prices? Like Groupon, these websites also offer discounted merchandise:.

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There's a guarantee on travel products, which are provided by Luxury Escapes. Redeem immediately with electronic vouchers. Let me say from my own experience that all the accuzations on this page are true. Vector is a scam!!! They do a nice lil sales pitch to 50 money hungry teenagers or college students. Then they rap you up in the After a sketchy interview and the stupid group interview they call you to the back office to hire you or not. Anyways after they hire You, ted, miguel, your mom and your dog. Your in for a nightmare!!! Consecutive un-paid training days are set 3 days in a row typically hours of back breaking chairs hurting your back.

And NO lunch break. Not only that, the numerous meetings and conferences are unpaid, and if you dont Carpool you find your own way there. Which is not easy considering the conference may be in another city!!!! Driving takes gas, and the bus takes fair. Nothings free! Lastly this job only runs on refferals! This is by far one of the most biased pieces I have ever read.

You list almost no facts about the actual quality of the knife and instead just shoot off a load of opinions about their marketing techniques. The few facts you do list are hardly negative points about Cutco. Most of the one which are 10 referrals are outdated and some stainless steel are outright lies. The knives are certainly not the best in the world, but are much better in comparison than most kitchen knives.

The marketing is also not nearly as pushy as you make it seem; in fact, pushy salespeople traditionally do worse. I just recently started with vector. Yesterday was my first day and I made a sale. I was very skeptical but was recommended for the job by my cousin, who even though she had some success, decided on a different job.

I would also like to state I am not a person just trying to make them look good. As it stands now I am happy but it could change. But like any sales job that is related to your skills. Also you do not have to purchase your sample kit. They give you one to borrow and take three references from you to make sure you do not steal the sample kit, but other than that you do not have to buy it at all. You can rent it. By saying these things you could lose a lot of people something that could give them a great opportunity. Do more research A steel is the highest quality steel in the industry.

Even Henckles uses only Also Cutco knives are a lot cheaper than leading high quality brands such as Henckles and Wusthof. With the forever guarantee you are getting your moneys worth. Also the scholarship is real and so are the trips. I only worked there one summer when I won a trip to south padre island for my hard work.

You can cost a lot of people a lot when you say things without that much knowledge on the subject. Deceitful, manipulative, and a genuine definition of pyramid scheme. They target us younger, broke people who are very naive and use it to their advantage. They hire anyone, and there is no real interview process. They hired 20 people along with me, at the same interview, on the same day.

In all reality, its like you are always working. It got very annoying. I worked there for 2 weeks, made my money back, and ditched. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Pyramid schemes do not offer any type of services or products. They simply make money from recruiting into the organization. Vector Marketing provides both a service and a product and in most cases, as a representative make no money for recruiting. So therefore no Vector is not a pyramid scheme. I to applied to a job listing on craigslist for customer sales and service position. I went in for the interview and yes I was a little skeptical.

I completed the training and started working immediately. I quickly came to find that I loved my job! I do not believe that it is a scam in any way shape or form. I was the fastest growing sales rep Cutco had ever had in the state of Alaska. If you are good at working one on one with people and good at sales and customer service then this may be the job for you. This job is not for everyone but it is legit. So for all of you who think that it is a scam you are wrong. The only things in the office were a desk for the person doing the interviews, and folding chairs for the applicants.

He seemed a little hyper, and was engaged with one of the other applicants in a discussion about high school sports. He never did say what we would be selling, I found that out when I went to the company website before the interview. For one thing, at the bottom of the application were optional questions about my age, date of birth, and marital status — all of which are ILLEGAL!!! This really looks more and more like a pyramid scheme.

This page is being extremely unfair to cutco. Now, I realize how much I work for the money I make but I appreciate the ability to create my own hours and write my own check while being genuine with customers to sell a product I believe in. To those of you who have stated that anyone who claims to love kitchen knives are full of it, I implore you to please call a cutco rep to visit you. I was blown away when the company shears cut a penny in half with ease or when a rather ordinary looking knife out performed my chicago cutlery straight and serrated edge blades.

These are great tools for cooking and are very fun to show to people. My son figured out the scam before going for an interview. Is ready for a sales job? Who knows?! Because vector is so flexible in who we hire, we obviously see all kinds of people. During the interview process before anybody is hired, and all throughout training, representatives and potential representatives are told that for a demo to count, they must follow the program and see somebody who is at least 25 years old, married, and has a full time job. It is for those who are interested in developing personal skills and make money that they would never have the opportunity to make flipping burgers somewhere.

Either way, success with vector is completely reliant on the Individual. You have the opportunity to make what you feel like you are worth. When was the last time you could see your reflection in a knife? Although I am not the best salesperson, I still make a profit. And if I applied all the advice my managers give me at the sacrifice of the people I take care of my elderly grandparents who need hour care, done by me and two other family members , I could be making even more money.

I will never do that, but I still have the knowledge that I could increase my pay exponentially if I was that greedy. I would also like to note that the company is nowhere near being a pyramid scheme. All pyramid schemes start with one person or a small group of people. The founding member s for the top tier. They then recruit people to buy in to the second and lower tiers. If the top is generous enough and they scam enough, they might actually pay tiers two through four of a ten-tier pyramid.

Vector obviously markets a product and, in fact, Cutco has been around longer than Vector. The reason the company does is is to reward its members for adding to the work force, but is nowhere near enough to quit selling knives and recruit members as if it were some kind of scam. The last thing I want to say is at it is an incredibly tough and stressful job, but it is a job that works well for a large group of people. Rather than going on just hearsay and tearing up applications because of hurt feelings, give the job a try for two weeks and see if you like it.

If you add Vector to your resume, I guarantee you that you will get job offers left and right not much long after. And if you can make it to assistant manager or higher, even more doors open up. If you want real information on the company, talk to the BBB and the manager running one-on-one interview.

Rather than believing what the employee of Company X or the two disgruntled rejects say, the best choice would be to read over what company X off and check their standing with BBB. Flashback three years ago after my bro graduated from hs he got a letter similar to mine. He went to the interview all pumped and came back disappointed because you are selling knives to friends and family. If you sell real estate or cars you already have an established office or shop of some sort. Not likely. So what does that leave me with? Which is illegal in my area. I run out of customers.

I get to a point where I either have to be advertising on the street and posting ads on coffee shops. I get weird and unwelcomed phone calls. What happens when I advertise with a sign on the street? I waste time and who would buy from somebody waving a sign on the street? Your going to get stuck eventually.

The top sellers of vector are not just sellers they are recruiting for more pay. Every worthless tree produces worthless fruit. My favorite suggestion for an alternative job is selling plasma. Instead, sell your plasma to labs who will then have your DNA to do what they may with. I just like my job and the money I get from it. Although I will say making sales does become addicting, as someone else said on here. Ok, cheers guys. YES 2 separate times. I want to share some insight from me for the other potential persons. I was told I was chosen to proceed with the min.

Many people may say why did you try it the 2nd time? This time I knew it would be different. My first month of appts. I had almost 40 demos, My brother works for them and has done very well so far at selling people the product. That being said he has alienated himself from the family, has been so brainwashed that he gave free knives to family members for Christmas with a buy from me note attached.

Not even wrapped just left on the floor with little kids running around. Needless to say nobody bought from him. Even when trying to sound genuine in that conversation you can tell he was fake. Everyone who says is a scam is a liar! Cutco makes the bestest knives everr!! What you typed on here is just a statement of your opinion and nothing more, unless you had concrete evidence. Every one of you who submits a comment to this article simply is stating there perception.

Nobody is completely right and no one is completely wrong. There is a little bit of truth to everything but because of that, this also means the opposite, there are things that are untrue, which leads to misunderstandings, which then leads to false information or exaggerations. If you want to go cut lawn for I guess what the guy up there said, 12 dollars an hour; you might not like it, you might do a horrible job, you may feel uncomfortable or it may just not be for you. So I went to the interview, training, and did demos and it turns out that I like all that stuff and all the responsibilities that come with it.

I love what I do but it is difficult especially if you want to be successful and if you want to reach a high level position. Everyone take care! They target kids knowing they are vulnerable, getting lists from schools, the same ones you need to sign 10 releases to get any info on your own child. Customers need to give out referrals from unsuspected friends, family which always comes back to bight you.. Four months later, I came home for Christmas break. I sat around doing nothing for the first couple of weeks, then realized I was going to be miserable if I went back to school with no money.

I stopped by the office, grabbed some supplies, and filled two days with presentations. Given my experience over Christmas break, I decided to go back for my next summer job. When I received my promotion to the highest-paid level, Field Sales Manager, my district manager said he never would have expected me to make it that far. It was only through hard work and sheer tenacity that I did so. I never again worked anywhere approaching full time for Vector.

I did work part time during my third year of college, but the demands and desires of married life led me to look for a more predictable income. Still, I have nothing bad to say about Vector; I even used the skills Vector taught me, to place out of several college classes. Twenty years later, my wife and I still absolutely LOVE our Cutco including the shears my grandmother purchased in ; My parents, aunts, uncles, and in-laws still use theirs on a daily basis; and every once in a while I get a surprise commission check because one of my old customers purchased something without my knowledge.

Does Vector work for everyone? Heck no.

Just a heads up about

But is it a scam? Absolutely not. Well, truth me told, I hated every minute of working at Vector. My manager was the the biggest A-hole. He used to call my cell phone multiple times a day, hassling me to make appointments and close sales, even one a day when I was in bed with a fever. I cheated by selling to businesses instead of individuals; I had the owners place the order under their personal name, rather than as their business.

I suppose there was one redeeming part of this sorry excuse for a job. I won some kind of a raffle, and they put me on a cruise. It was an old, no-frills ship, and knowing Vector, I had to share my cabin with another Vector dude. He was OK, maybe kind of shy, but man, did he snore! Anyway, it turned out that there were also some Vector girls on the ship.

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We teach everybody how to be successful during training! I would like to mention that our knives are made out of high carbon stainless steel. You were right about the A though! However, after 10 years, the knives do need sharpening, and we understand that so we do it for free. In fact sir, if you sat through my presentation and got all of the correct facts, You would buy Cutco :. If somebody is complaining about unpaid time, that sadness me.

The only reason people should attend weekly meeting is to advance their skills and become a better person overall! All Cutco workers sound educated, others do as well, but anybody that works at Cutco is taught how to effectively work with others. For those who pay attention to the real facts, there is no other opportunity out there like working for Vector. Give it a shot! A guy at my office sold so much his first month January, I think?

I worked for Vector about 6 years ago. The office closed without any notice on a Sunday night and it took numerous calls to Vector to get my last check. Went to an interview for them a few years ago. Showed up and 15 other people were in the room. They said they were so busy that had to make it a group interview even though I was told I was having an interview one on one with a manager. I had a feeling during the interview it was too good to be true.

They guy asked me a question once and I said about 3 sentences. Then after the interview he called everyone in individually and told me I was one of the best and they wanted me. Even though I said 3 sentences! He gave me a packet of information and said told me to show up for training the next Monday. As I was stuck in traffic on the ride home I browsed through the packet he gave me, only to find out that I had to bring a check for dollars with me to the training.

I immediately pulled over and through the packet in the first garbage can I saw …. The funny thing is they just called me this morning , 3 years later asking if I would like to come in for an interview. I acted very excited and enthused and said I would come in Tuesday. I have 3 friends who also fell victim To this scam too.

Stay away! Ok, After reading several laughs I must reply. If the manager was stating it honestly in his advertising he should have stated per presentation. If you actually did your homework and price quality Cutlery you would see that paying 50 — for a knife that is guaranteed is normal. Any college student that is looking for interpersonal communication skills can tell you that you should be paying Vector marketing for that kind of experience.

For those who are posting here that think you can gain experience in industry by working fast food, lawn care, or other sweat jobs in the summer good luck with that. Direct sales is some of the hardest work one can ever choose. If you are willing to stick with it you will learn how to sell not just Cutco, but more importantly yourself. I am an engineer, and have been for over 20 years. I worked for 3 summers selling Cutco while I was in school. I would not trade the experience or my Cutco for any other.

For those who pontificate about Electronic Scams and covering for them, stop typing and get the facts. Our office had been in good community standing for over 12 years. Are there people who liars and deceiver? Sure there are. Just like any other business or political office.

I worked for Vector a few years ago. Which, it basically is. But your opinions, Christ, this is like reading an anti-atheist over-catholicized website. I did not take the job seriously when I first started, which I regret. I am going to run my own branch of the company at age 19 next summer, and will be able to put on my resume:. I, personally, haven not won a scholarship, but I personally know 5 different recipients of the Vector Marketing scholarship.

They worked their ass off, and earned a scholarship. No, my results are not typical, but nor are they nonexistent. Seriously, self-contradiction? If they suck at their job, you are correct, they admit to sucking at their job by submitting for base pay. But they still get paid. IF someone buys something, they will spend, on average, that amount. BUT, promotions happen very quickly. Say the same person did that for another week. An again, they continue for a few weeks. After 6 weeks, you are literally tripling your starting pay. Or have you ever seen a college kid who cooks?

Me either. They could of just give out demos to their employees. That is at least 10 appointments or 2 weeks of work for a new employee to break even. Earlier, you just talked about an hour long demo, which is typically the approximation of a demo length. How in the hell do you do math? If someone works a typical 40 hour week, like a summer schedule, they would pay this off in 3 or 4 days. They are rented out, for FREE. I bought mine in the first weekend.

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How can an uncle say no to a niece? That is how Cutco gets you to buy their knives. Wrong, again. Most people definitely need a better knife set. Shitty knives break all the time, and dull insanely fast. I literally just visited the factory in Olean, NY, and asked about that stat. Oh, and yes, you start with people you know, and if they buy, awesome, they just helped out a college kid, AND got a killer set of knives. Win-win situation. But after a while, you run out of people you personally know, and are exclusively working on the list of recommendations you have built up through each demo.

You end up working with distant friends of friends of friends of friends, way down the line. It is not trying to guilt people into helping you. Yes Ka-bar is one of my favorite knife brands but Cutco kitchen knives are overpriced. You are better off buying a professional knife set with the same amount of money.

Wusthof knives, of Germany are one of the top selling fine cutlery brands. Shun-Kaji knives, of Japan, are again, a very popular fine cutlery set. Oh, and I find it funny when you say these knives are nothing special, considering they are the highest rated brand of cutlery in the entire planet. You can write off you sample kit purchase if you bought it.

You can write off food you purchase to cut up with the knives in demonstrations. I did a demo for her parents while I was there, and I wrote off the mileage, successfully. Too good to be true? There are literally thousands of people working for Vector who do much more than I do with this job. There are tens of thousands of people working for this company that actually LOVE their job. I apologize that your son was not one of them. My major at MU was Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing…so I was able to get my University to actually award me 3 credit hours in direct marketing for selling those knives for a semester!

It was the BEST experience ever. My mom, all her friends, and myself still RAVE over those knives. They are sharper than ever and cut through stuff like butter. It depends on how you look at it. I started selling in july currently at 15k in sales and am in training for management.

Twist Face

If you are charismatic and committed it is in fact very easy you just need to learn the tricks. The longer you stay the more tricks you learn and the easier it becomes.

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I hear the knives do not need to be purchased. They can be if you want to keep them but if you give them back you pay nothing for them. Lastly when talking about these knives being overpriced. Prices for other high quality sets reach 3,, dollars. My parents bought a set from a neighborhood sales rep for only about 1, and we used to have a 3, dollar Wustof set until we got Cutco cause it was plain better. One set is selling for more then what its worth. I sold it in sold over 3k in sale. Not easy. Yes there are payment plans but that only helps so much.

The amount of misinformation in this thread and in the original post is unbelievable. Yes, I work for vector. But the lies here make you lose all credibility. I did not pay for my starter set. Which takes about 2 hours. Other than that, if I do demos, I get paid my base pay.

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You can do virtual demos where you talk on the phone with the customer and walk them through an online demo. So shut up about travel expenses. So stop complaining. No rhyme intended. The receptionist was mean? Walmart employees are rude sometimes. Does that make walmart a scam?

People are rude. This is life. Learn to deal with it. It does not mean that the company trains people to be meanie-faces. You think the knives are expensive? Your opinion. You people are the equivalent to conspiracy theorists. You use pseudo-intellectualism and make claims when you are ignorant to what you are talking about. So your credibility is shot. Some people only make the base pay so the quit because it might not be killer money.

Those who sell make money. Finally, learn about business and business models before you talk about them. And I would know because I do that too. Educate yourself before entering discussion, people. Vector MArketing called me yesterday they said they recieved the application i have made I never applied whatsoever. She told me that I will have an interview nextday meet this Ms Kristian Aszaal. At first i have no idea what company Vector is, so after the call I checked Vector online, then i see selling fuckin knives, thats bullcrap.

What I dont believe that cutco make good knives, in my experience Cutco knives suck dirt. I use Calphalon Knives set and still way cheaper than that crappy expensive cutco. Back in high school my marketing teacher sent these out to everyone in the class. I received the letter and gave it a shot. I make my way into the designated waiting area and wait with a handful of other anxious and eager teens. We are all waived into this room where they pretty much demo us the product and show some VHS or something regarding the product basically a live infomercial.

I have never seen anything like that in an interview session before especially one for 30 or so people. He asked me some questions regarding college, made some scribbles on the form I filled out earlier in the evening and said I could earn credits and they would be transferable. I just went along with it since I was pretty much overloaded with information. Before I left, I had a few members approach me and try to coerce me into doing it and all the benefits such as the group vacations etc. I believe I received about calls the following day and then the next day asking if I wanted in. Needless to say I got a real summer job that year and ended up doing more for my career than I could have selling knives to my friends and family.

This nonsense has been around for years and years. This is so who the fuck wants somebody coming to their home to show them knives? I hate seeing comments from people that are very negative. Especially those who did not even gave it a shot or just to take a look. You are just a hater because you cannot do it! If you grasp opportunity and change what you are doing it might get you somewhere else better than your past five years. In short, if you are doing what you have been doing five years ago, guess what you will do in the next five years?

I love how the people here accuse Vector of having hires in the comment section. I work for Vector. The model, all of Vectors policies, they make sense. Can you get screwed over? Most sales jobs can screw a person. Can you make bank money? There is no scam to Vector, only your standard corporate bullshit that one finds in every company.

Vector is no worse than GM, Proctor Gamble, Coke, McDonalds, and in fact, probably engages in less disinformation than the companies above. All in all, people need to calm their tits. No matter your reason, take the fallacious logic elsewhere. I have a job interview with Vetco tomorrow. Man, I was so happy and excited that I got the job. But things felt really shady. So when I googled it, scam was everywhere!

The people so nice and crap, but their all BS. While my family was waiting for me at the interview, which took like 4 hours, the ladies in the front desk were calling SO many people telling them the same thing, to quit their job and work for vectors. He also said that their too high quality to advertise on TV. They were degrading other companies.